What is my IP?

Your IP address as seen from servers on the internet is:


DNS Black List information


Open HTTP Proxy Server PASS

Open SOCKS Proxy Server PASS

Open Proxy Server not listed in the SOCKS or HTTP lists PASS

Open SMTP Gateway PASS

Server has spammer abusable vulnerabilities PASS

Network hijacked from their original owners PASS

Spamhaus Spam Black List PASS

Spamhaus Exploits Block List PASS

Your IP address is an address used to identify your computer over a network. In this case the address above is your Internet IP address as seen servers on the internet. This page also performs a reverse lookup on your address to get the domain name and checks it against DNS Black Lists.

If you have a static blacklisted address you should check with SORBS and Spamhaus to find out why.


IP Addresses are central to the Internet Protocol which is used to allow computers to communicate over the internet. The address shown on this page is your IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) address which is the most common type of addressing used on the Internet today. As the pool of available IPv4 addresses is almost depleted the iETF is pushing for more service providers to support IPv6 which has an address space far larger than the current addressing system.

Upgrading to IPv6 has made slow progress due to the number of hardware devices used on the internet which do not or cannot support the protocol. Also some popular operating systems, such as Windows 2000, have no official support for IPv6 further slowing progress. However the address space must be increased shortly or used more effectively as the internet population, the length of time they spend online and the number of devices online continue to grow.

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